Inclusive learning journeys for curious minds.

Through continuous exploration, experimentation, play and appreciation, we as humans of different backgrounds can connect on a deeper level where we can celebrate and learn from our differences.  

This toolkit is designed to ignite your curiosity towards ideas and objects while you co-create with your peers with empathy and respect. Designed to encourage play for young minds, our learning journeys let you experiment with stories and activities and create your own via block-coding and crafts.

If you are not sure where to begin, answer these questions for us to craft your personalized learning journey.

If you are not sure where to begin, answer these questions so that we can craft your personalized learning journey.

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Who Are We?

Curiohood toolkit opens a safe space for experimentation for tech-enabled craft and learning by establishing an open source for practicing with hand-made crafts and Scratch. 

We developed this toolkit as a group of learning and service designers to bring curiosity, playfulness and empathy to everyday lives of all children. Curiohood has been designed for children to explore, connect, learn and reflect on the world around them via curated journeys

Are you a mentor?

If you are a parent, volunteer, teacher or a coordinator engaging with children, you can become a mentor by discovering our methods specifically designed for you! By changing the user type below (or on top of the page), you can access all method cards with more detailed content to facilitate children’s learning journeys. 

Each method card contains specific instructions and detailed activities to set the stage with an introduction, showcase and deep dive into the methodologies, ask powerful questions for debrief and reflect on what children have discovered throughout their journeys. 

Start the mini quiz to find what the activities for you!